Kindergarten Ready

Stepping Stones Preschool has been instrumental in not only our children’s spiritual growth but also our children’s emotional development and social growth. Dropping your child off on that 1st day of school can make you very anxious; however, the feeling of warmth, love and compassion each staff member illustrates was one of the most comforting feelings I have ever felt. I knew after our visit our children would be loved, cared for and protected beyond reason. The love each staff member has for Jesus. Their solid faith is very evident. The curriculum at Stepping Stones has catapulted our children to be prepared emotionally, socially and academically for Kindergarten. Our daughter is in 1st grade and is thriving and it is due to the foundation she learned while at Stepping Stones. Our son just completed his Kindergarten testing and immediately following the test the teacher told me “that was the fastest and easiest test I have done in years.” Education and a spiritual foundation are very important to our family and every single one of our needs were met beyond our expectations. I highly encourage & recommend Stepping Stones to all families.
Kristen B.
We have been at Stepping Stones Preschool for the past three years and chose (and continue to choose) this preschool for many reasons. They have a Godly Board of Directors and staff; which is reflected in their communication and curriculum. They hire high-quality teachers who clearly love and serve the Lord with a passion for teaching early education. Academically, we were blown away at how prepared and advanced our child was entering kindergarten this year. Every child is different, but we attribute our child's successful launch into kindergarten because of this program. The hands-on learning style is engaging and fun, and you will remember what you're being taught if you're having fun!  Spiritually, Stepping Stones felt the most like home for our family and we instantly knew our children would receive the same Biblical message they are taught at home, and that they would be kept safe and cared for.  We have been richly blessed by this preschool!
Maya H.

Our Teachers Make the Difference

Each of our three children went through Stepping Stones for a total of six years.  We are so grateful that Stepping Stones is a part of our family story.  The teachers provided a genuinely warm and caring atmosphere while teaching our children the beginning basics of learning and being a friend to others.  Our children excelled under the training of Stepping Stones teachers who are at the same time both structured and gracious.  We enjoyed classes at the main campus and Lighthouse campus.  Every time we drive by that sweet white picket fence, our youngest exclaims "There's my Preschool!"  
Maria H.,  March, 2018

The Right Environment for Our Children

Our family decided to bring our two daughters, Sadie and Cora, to Stepping Stones for their initial preschool years and we have been indebted to this foundation. The warm and caring atmosphere that spilled from the walls and playground of Stepping Stones each day that we pulled into the round-a-bout has carried these girls forward into their schooling (now 6th and 3rd graders) and we will be forever grateful that they had their introduction to being away from us in a learning environment that was God-centered. The teachers at Stepping Stones have a patience and guidance about them that eased the girls into what school could be. We are very grateful for our experiences at Stepping Stones and hope that each child can have the opportunity to begin their curiosity of learning in an environment like Stepping Stones.
Jen S.
I cannot recommend Stepping Stones enough. All 3 of my kids were fortunate enough to attend preschool here and had wonderful experiences. The teachers are so loving and kind and made my kids feel welcomed every morning when they walked in. It was important that our kids' preschool be strong academically, but also teach them about Jesus. They learned the Fruits of the Spirit and memorized bible verses along with learning their letters and numbers. Could not have asked for a better academic start for my kids!
Maleah A.
As a former elementary teacher and now a stay-at-home-mom of four, I’ve been in at least a dozen preschool classrooms. I can’t recommend Stepping Stones highly enough. Christ is at the center of all that is done at Stepping Stones. The teachers reflect His joy, kindness, love and grace. Lessons and activities are remarkably fun and engaging for the students - from dry ice experiments to slime-making to Daddy Pumpkin Carving Night. Classroom management seems exemplary; I have yet to hear of even a single discipline problem! Our daughter has learned the numbers 1-20, all the letters and their sounds and she has begun reading Bob books at home. STEAM activities are abundant and more impressive than I’ve seen in most K-5 classrooms. She’s made great friends and loves going to school. Communication from the teachers is excellent as well. We receive monthly newsletters, activity calendars and even photos of classroom activities texted from the teacher! The SS teachers that I’ve known are experienced, devoted to serving Christ, love their jobs and are truly excellent teachers. One morning, after I had been out of town, our daughter uncharacteristically didn’t want to go to school - she wanted to stay at home with me since I’d been gone. When we got to preschool, she clung to me at the door of the classroom and Miss Sarah, with her years of experience (as a mom and a former elementary teacher), warmly and seemingly-magically enveloped her into an activity. Within 5 minutes, she texted me a photo of our 4 year old smiling and happily playing. We’re so grateful for the influence of Stepping Stones in our daughter’s life and wholeheartedly recommend it!
Michelle V.